Public Register of Prosecutions and Enforcement Notices
The aims of the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland [HSENI] are to protect the health,
safety and welfare of employees and to safeguard others who may be exposed to risks from work
activities. A brief guide for businesses, employees and their representatives on what to expect
from a Health and Safety Inspector's workplace visit may be found under

HSENI inspectors normally enforce health and safety standards by giving advice on how to comply
with the law. Sometimes, however, inspectors must order people to make improvements by
issuing them with a notice, either an Improvement Notice which allows time for a recipient to
comply or a Prohibition Notice which prohibits an activity until remedial action has been taken.

HSENI issues notices to companies and individuals for breaches of health and safety law and/or
where imminent risk of serious injury exists. If necessary HSENI may prosecute recipients for
non-compliance with a notice. More details on enforcement guidelines may be found under

This part of the HSENI website gives details of enforcement notices issued by HSENI inspectors
from June 2018 and subsequently by calendar year. Notices will appear on the Register for a
period of five years.

HSENI has taken steps to ensure that notices which are withdrawn or subject to appeal are not
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